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					My name is Kiki, frontend webdeveloper based in Groningen, Netherlands.
					But I'm flexible. (for example: this picture was taken in Canada →)
					I work with html5, css3, javascript, jquery, mysql, xml, extjs, php, c#, .net, svn, windows, osx, linux, debian, itil v3, prince2, scrum, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, visual studio, notepad, etc...
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There are a couple of questions that I repeatedly get through email. Here, I'll answer a few of them, so that I have more time to code. Or to go boarding, 'cause it's summer outside. This is also an example of my jQuery use, as the following FAQ is my own code in action.

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Most emails I receive are about:

I am the lawyer of a deceased king from a faraway country. Can I use your bankaccount to store a gazillion dollars that used to be his? You can keep some.
A very generous offer, that sounds like a lot of dollars. I would like to kindly refuse though. Good luck finding a new king.
Do you code in *coding language*?
I speak fluent html (5), css3, javascript and jQuery, and have experience in php, java, C#, .net.

And then there's these:

Is your name really Kiki? D:

Why do you only like indoor climbing?
Because there are no mountains in the Netherlands :(
Why Groningen?
I love Gro, the atmosphere, the people, the bars, the space. Come check it out, I'll give you the grand tour!

Hire me!
I'm currently looking for a new challenge. Do you have or does your company have - or know about - an open position for a young, enthusiastic, teamplaying, innovative and flexible frontend webdeveloper with two years of working experience, a link between designers and coders, a social dreamer of html5 and css3? Then I'm eagerly awaiting your call or mail!